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  Q - Can I place candles into the crystal gel?

     A - Water crystals work great with candles and floral arrangements.

  Q - Can I use with my live house plants?

     A - Suggested plants include arrowroot, bamboo, Chinese evergreen, dragon plant, dracaena, palms, spider plants,
           dieffenbachia, and philodendrons. 

                        DO NOT USE with cactus, succulents or orchids.

  Q - How do I dispose of unwanted crystals?

     A -
To dispose of unwanted crystals simply pour the crystals into flower beds, gardens or mix into soil.    
              The gel crystals is a great additive for potting and garden soils.  
              WaterGel Crystals are non-toxic polymer substances that will not harm plants, grass or soil.

  Crystal gel is extremely slippery when spilled.
  Never flush or pour crystals or gel down the drain, crystal swelling could possibly clog drain pipes.

  Q - How much crystal gel will a 1 ounce package of the polymer make?

A - Add a 1 ounce package (6 teaspoons) of the dry crystal polymer powder to a 1 gallon bottle of distilled water.  
           Let it stand for about four hours (overnight is great).  
           The crystals will swell up and increase their weight by approximately 400 times.  
           Now use a sieve to strain off any surplus water and allow the crystals to air dry for 2 hours.  
           You now have a whole gallon of sparkling Gel Crystals.               
           Put the crystals into a container or bowl, add candles, flowers or some plants, finished!
           Even an ordinary glass turns into a small wonder at the touch of your hands.  
           Store unused gel back into the gallon jug, replace cap and retain until needed.  
           Since you used distilled water, the crystals should remain usable for several years.  
           Store in a dark area until ready to use.
           The gel can be easily colored (dyed) by stirring in a few drops of food coloring or icing coloring.
           Although crystals gel colored this way are not color fast and will bleed into joining crystals.
           Our Rainbow Beads are color fast and will not bleed.  Use clear plastic wrap to separate colors.

  Q - How long will the dry crystals polymer powder last?

     A - Length of life for decorative purposes (because of exposure to light) is approximately
           1-2 years.  If mixed in soil, it serves for about 7-9 years as a source for moisture retention.

  Q - Is it safe for kids to use?

     A -
Water-Gel Crystals is a polymer gel powder (cationic polyacrylamide powder) and is non-toxic, and ecologically neutral. 
           Over many repeat wet to dry cycles - it breaks down after its useful working life to water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen.


     Although non-toxic it should never be consumed or taken internally in either its granule or its gelatinous form.

 It should never be used by children without constant adult supervision.


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