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Commercial Grade Super Absorbent Snow Polymer Dry Granules
(Sodium salt of crosslinked polyacrylic acid)

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WaterGel Dry Snow Polymer Powder

Item No: G-70

High free swell absorption capacity, looks like snow when properly hydrated.

< 500 microns (slightly smaller than table salt.

Looks and feels just like real snow. Rapid swell rate, super-fast absorption.

Great for spill control, blood absorption, medical waste cleanups, and absorbs most liquids.

PACKAGE SIZES AVAILABLE:  1 oz.,  1 lb.,  5 lbs.,  10 lbs., 80* pound multi-layered bags

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        *  40 lb. bags shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,
            require special freight charges not included.

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    SNOW POLYMER powder (Sap g-70)

    A dry (non sticky) powder that fells and looks like snow.  Does no melt - Lasts for weeks.
    If it starts to shrink, just very lightly sprinkle with water to refresh it's looks.


    Instructions for making SNOW

    This powder can amazingly turn 2 cups of water into 6-8 cups of “Snow”!

    A ratio of 
10 parts of water to 1 part powder yields great results.

    Add additional water as needed, and fluff by hand.

    1 pound bag of the Snow powder mixed with 5 gallons of water will make enough
       snow to cover 6 square feet, 1 inch thick. 

    5 pounds of the Snow powder mixed with 25 gallons of water will make enough
       snow to cover 30 square feet, 1 inch thick.

    A 40 pound bag of the Snow powder when mixed with 200 gallons of water makes
             enough snow to cover 240 square feet, 1 inch thick.

    Try this simple experiment:

        • Pour ~ 20 oz. (2 1/2 cups) of cool-to-room temperature water into a container.

        • In a separate container (same size or bigger than the water vessel) pour ~ 2 ounces (8 Tbs.) of "Snow Polymer".

        • Place the container with the super absorbent on a tray, newspaper or something else that can contain the gel.

        • In one fast motion, pour the water into the container with the super absorbent
           the more turbulent the better (without spilling).

        • Now watch as the water immediately turns to gel and then to "Snow” while it erupts out of the glass!